Apply For Capital One Credit Card At

Recently Capital One bank has launched a unique promotional campaign. All American citizens who are of 18 years old or older are able to participate. This program is called GetMyOffer, and it was created as a means of attracting new clients.

The purpose of this program is to allow people to find out whether they are pre-qualified for obtaining Capital One credit card and applying for it. One should fill the online by entering all the necessary information. This information includes reservation number and access code.

How can one get the reservation number and access code?

These numbers can be found on the offer letter which you should have received via mail. This letter contains reservation number and access code you need in order to participate in GetMyOffer program by Capital One.

How do you find these numbers?

The reservation number and access code always appear together on the bottom portion of the offer letter. The reservation number consists of 16 digits, while the access code compiles 6 digits.

What do I do if I have not received an offer letter from Capital One?

Well, you should not worry. You are still allowed to participate in GetMyOffer promotion campaign. Just visit the application website, choose the option suitable for you and enter all the information required. When applying without offer letter, you may be asked to enter a little more information. That is a requirement needed in order to check if you qualify for a credit card issued by Capital One bank.

How long should I wait for a response?

The response should come in a minute. So, you would not have to wait for hours (or days), since the response will come super quick.

What do I do if I was not approved for a credit card?

In case you were not identified as qualified for obtaining a credit card, you can apply one more time.

However, keep in mind that you may be asked to enter more information than previously since this is your second request and you pending a positive response.